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Call Restoration offers clients professional damage restoration services in a multitude of situations; fires, floods, storms, biohazard or whichever type of disaster that has affected you, our experts can restore your property and restore it to a pristine condition.

Water Damage

Call Restoration team can deal with damage caused by water leaks, burst pipes, floods, sewage and every other liquid related disaster that has befallen your property.

Fire Damage

Fire consumes and Call Restoration renews. Our expert restoration professionals can remove any and all signs of the fire, smoke, soot and odor from your home.

Mold Damage

If left unchecked, mold can spread like wildfire in your property. Our team takes immediate action to mollify this growth and begins the removal process as quickly as possible.

Weather Damage

Wind, rain, snow, hail and storms can leave your property in a dire state. Our experts can perform damage restoration to ensure that it is even better than it used to be.

Roof Repair

Call Restoration provides all types of roof reaper services in Toronto including new roof installations, repairs on pre-existing roofs.

Plumbing Services

Our emergency plumbers can take care of your sump pump backup, blocked drains, burst pipes, leaky ceilings, and a lot more.


Call Restoration representatives are ready to receive your call at any time. Disasters can strike at any time and we, at Call Restoration, are ready to offer our expert damage restoration services to clients in Toronto whenever misfortune may strike them.


We can guarantee our customers the fastest response time for damage restoration services in Toronto. No one else can match our efficiency.
We have an emergency team standing by for quick response in a crisis. They can arrive on location and begin damage restoration within minutes.


Our team of professionals are more than happy to evaluate any type of Restoration or Cleaning services. Please fill in the form, and one of our friendly team members will get in touch with you shortly.

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